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The Largest God Of Wealth

Among the many gods, the chinese God of Wealth is the most favored God located at Northern part of singapore,the temple is well known as Sembawang God of Weath Temple.

Sembawang God of Wealth dated back in May 1998 was invited from China to begin preparations,and in June 2004 we begin construction.

Our God of Wealth Temple cost 3 million which covers an area of 20,000 square feet and also with the help of so many supporters and Devotees,our building is completed.

First, it is the most outstanding and impressive of the God of Wealth statue which stand on the root top of the building of 31 foot/9.44 metre and weight 8290kg.
The temple will hold once a year opening on God of Wealth’s birthday for blessing devotee one day worship the largest golden statue of the God of Wealth on every 5th day of the lunar first month . There is a chance where you can get close with the God of Wealth gilded, devotee may walk three times around the largest golden statue of the God of Wealth for an endless wealth of the whole year blessing.