Receiving God of Wealth

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接财神Receiving God of Wealth

日期:27/01/2017 (星期五)除夕夜晚上10:30PM


Date: 27/01/2017 (Friday) 10:30 pm

(A set of Incense Paper $30)





Distinguished Taoist Master will lead devotees to receiving the God of Wealth on 27/01/2017.

On the night of every Lunar New Year eve till the 1st day of lunar month is the time to receive the God of Wealth.People have adopted this custom since long time ago and people respects the God of Wealth. However, the God of Wealth may not be in everyone house.The God of Wealth has to be received by ourselves. With the help of the God of Wealth, the wealth luck given will help all business, career and also help gain “Heng Cai”. These are gained with the blessings given by the God of Wealth.

Devotees shall bring home three joss sticks and place them in the incense burner on the altar. If not having an altar, place the joss sticks in any temporary burner (any tin or container filled with rice) in the living room.