Student’s Commencement of Education Ceremony


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The Confucius

本廟將在于農曆八月初一至 八月十五20/09/2017 (星期三) 至 04 /10/2017 (星期三)


庆祝孔子先師誕辰:農曆八月廿七16/10/2017 (星期一)由本廟資深道長為学子們点上朱砂,讓学子头脑开窍,


The temple will be holding the celebration from 20/09/2017 (WEDNESDAY)to 04/10/2017 (WEDNESDAY) 9am to 9pm.

The Confucius Grand Birthday on 16/10/2017   (MONDAY)

The temple’s Distinguished Taoist Master will bless the students in their studies and gaining knowledge. The temple’s Distinguished Taoist Master will leading students to pray to Confucius and “Wenchang Di Jun” for academic advancement and enlighten minds.


The Promising Career of Civil Official






The temple will be holding the Student’s Commencement of Education Ceremony.From 09/12/2017 (SATURDAY) to 22/12/2017 (FRIDAY) 9am- 9pm

The worship of the Wen Chang Star began with Confucian saying: Those who are excellent in study will become government officials. The Wen Chang star symbol is also worshiped by people as the god who watches over student’s .The god of Wen Chang has two guards. Which are called Heavenly Deaf and Earthly Dumb so that they couldn’t disclose information. February 3rd is believed to the birthday of the god Wen Chang. Officials in the Ming and Qing dynasties would usually pay tribute to Wen Chang Temple during this time.